Educational support is provided by Kakezai so that no one is left behind in the race, the supportis extended to the students who are getting an education abroad too. Parents are motivated to send their children to school by the members of the organization for a better tomorrow.All the past projects of Afghan Kakezai show their dedication and will to go out the way and help children getting education which result in better quality of life and better financial situation. Afghan Kakezai not only enable children with good quality of education but also provide them skilled learning which is practical knowledge for getting better employments and careers.


A shelter house has been provided for the homeless families and individuals of the community, this service not only helps the community be safe but also makes them feel like an important part of the Kakezai family. Afghan Kakezei has built many such facilities which are state of the art and it allows families to stand back on their feet. This essential support is extended to those families which can’t survive on their own because of any substantial reason which administration deems right.


Many individuals in the society fail to pay for the funeral and burial services of a loved one. The Kakezai offer their services to individuals like these by providing them with the financial and emotional support that is needed. Afghan Kakezei provides facilities like carrying the body to the graveyard and burying it. Deceased family gets a sigh of relief through this as Afghan Kakzei comes as pillar of support for them and help them in such crises situation


We all know when bad times hit financially it is a huge blessing to get some kind of unconditional support from any organization to help meet the basic necessities of life. Not everyone can have this support. However Afghan Kakzei families don’t fall in this category. A monthly stipend is provided to the homeless families, children and woman so that they can make their ends meet and don’t get involved in other activities which might not acceptable by the society.