We provide residence for homeless individuals and families of the Afghan Kakezai. Shelter is a mean to give secure accommodation from exposure to the severe weather reducing the environmental impact, promoting healthy living.



    We provide certified educators and special education professionals to tutor/instruct students in a caring and competent manner in a one-to-one environment at the student’s/parents’ convenience of Afghan Kakezai Community.



    We provide financial aid to deserving families of Afghan kakezai community. In this way we stregthen them so that they can be resourceful in their communities and strive hard to improve their standard of living and have a happy life.

  • Testimonials

    “Most of the dimensions related to life of human, so help each other to take a voluntarily step. ”

    Osama Malik
  • Testimonials

    “It is a great platform to help the under privileged ”

    Wasif Tahmoor
  • Testimonials

    “This is a great venture to help humanity ”

    Basit ALi